Town Announcer NPC for Online Town (ICRA2020 virtual happy hour)

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Made a quick NPC announcer for this virtual pokemon style gathering tech (aka Online Town)

Online Town was used for a previous conference, ICLR, where people even “went to the beach” (there’s several environments, I chose the conference hall one).

ICLR Town: Pokemon-esque environment to wander around and bump into people, which syncs almost seamlessly with video-chatting capabilities. — maithra_raghu

However there is no chat history, and no way to set a description or announcements. In order to do so, Ondrej Biza suggested I actually just have a repeating audio announcement character: the Town Announcer.

After some googling, I quickly whipped together a set of bash scripts to do so. This is is Ubuntu 18.04.

1. Create recording of the announcement

I used festival, since I already had that installed for my terminal timer (blinks the terminal red, plays a loud sound, and speaks “n minutes are up”).

Inside the text file I had

(Side note: Somehow festival is really bad at pronouncing email, oh well).

2. Create “virtual microphone”

I can then select this as my mic input for the videoconference

As per sebpiq on stackoverflow

3. Play speed recording over virtual mic

As per sebpiq on stackoverflow

4. Create bash script to continuously do so

5. Run it

Check that it’s in the settings

Then open, and when it asks for which microphone input to select, select the Unix FIFO.

To check that it’s all working, I joined from another computer & could hear the announcer. Sometimes it does seem like I can’t hear the announcer when joining, but I can’t reliably reproduce it.

Another sanity check is to go back to Sound settings and check that the “input level” bars are going up and down.


I did try speeding up the audio, but it did introduce new audio artifacts (squeaks). If you want to do so, add a setting when generating the mp3. Below it speeds up to 2x.

( I also tried speeding it up in the ffmpeg command, it sounded horrible).

Better text to speech

This was a pain… ! Not sure why. Very confusing instructions.

Helped in part As per.

These are final records of what worked.

Traceback from failure:

Some other commands I tried (didn’t work)

It will say synthesizing, After a minute or two it will finish and start playing the audio. Right click and “save audio”

Output is a wav file.
What successful TTS.server.server looks like:

Hurray. ! The output sounds much nicer.



Undo with

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