Pandemic Diary #17, 11 July 2020

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Whew lads

It’s been good knowing you all

I’ve had an extremely awful time in grad school, but have stuck it out so far. Finished my classes last fall, got my master’s. Now feeling like… undeserving and unwanted, that’s what grad school has made me feel.




Wednesday I was fired from my lab. It at once feels awful (god, what’s wrong with me?*) and freeing (now I don’t have to pretend to be deeply passionate about the revolution of tactile sensing, vs. grad school as just another job, and be able to be passionate about learning and making things again). And, maybe I’ll still find really cool people to work with.

* Though obviously less serious, reminds me a bit of Trevor Noah’s skit once, white people: what? I’ve never gotten thrown up against a wall by police, you must be doing something bad,  black people: feeling gaslit. Not sure if same thing is going on here ‘cos I’m a gender weirdo.

Path A:

Talk to the professors at MIT who are doing counter-trafficking research in AI. See if they will support me to do research in a timely manner toward a degree (not sure how to approach this subject), if I’m not enrolled (take a leave for a semester, and just work as a person in a lab).

Path B:

The goal is to have a $100k+ job by the end of the year. Take a little longer, since any job I’m in, it”ll be hard to leave before a year is up. Have it be research related, so after 1 or 2 years I go back and slam out a PhD.

Here are things to do on that path.

Regardless of the path:

  • Fat Chance stats
  • UCSD stats
  • The ML book
  • Imitation Learning homework
  • The learning-dog-poses homework (while I still have GPU access!)
  • ESP822 Paper signals project
  • Ohh, 3d print a little clip to attach a watch to my cat’s collar to see how much exercise she gets
  • And, PoV yoyo!

The latter will be easier if I have lotsa money… hmmmmm

A little sad. Looks like sailing around the world, is out of my reach right now. Maybe I can find one day an internship on NOAA expedition, deckhand, etc.

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