it’s the little things

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it’s the little things that matter sometimes —

the springline is usually the one used to stop the sailboat when docking; in theory, it is the most important line. a bow and stern line may also be used to assist in keeping the sailboat straight. for the bow and stern line — the only thing you do is, if your side of the boat starts swinging out too far, tug on your line to prevent the other side of the boat from crashing into the dock).

* Well. You can also use the stern line to stop the boat if it’s about to ram into something and the spring line cleat wasn’t placed in a useful place, i guess..

one person assigned me springline duty, but in the end mayhaps chickened out and gave it to someone else; one person never offered; and one person handed it to me right away. the latter was a lady.

(pardon the short blog posts; i’ve mostly stopped using facebook, and this is too honest for facebook anyhow)

maybe i’m completely off-base; who knows. doesn’t really help to dwell on such things — write it down, then perhaps i can forget about it