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Knock on deck to hear damage
Step around to see if there’s soft spots
Inspect and take pictures of chainplates (inside holding the stays) and outside where the mast and stays attach
Do best to inspect hull. Spend most time on standing rigging, deck, and structural things

Then engine

Then everything else

You can inspect keel damage from inside just fine

Have a chill nice time, look at everything
Stay outside the boat awhile (well, if it’s on the hard)
mast: corrosion, lots of wear and tear, signs of sketchy repairs, random holes from old screws, damage/worn sail track
hull / gelcoat / bottom paint condition – 25% important.
mast / stays condition: 20% important
engine make/hours/condition ( the post doesn’t say!!!!!!) : 20% important
sails, interior, equipment are equal parts among the remaining 35%. Don’t ignore the big ones :0
Look for damage and for repairs, for areas that seem worse off than others. For areas that haven’t been cleaned. For damage in high stress areas (around keel, keel bolts, chainplates, deck hardware). Look for water damage as it can be very bad to structures
1GM10 will be loud and will vibrate a lot. Look at engine mounts. They’re fat rubber blocks. If they look like trash, something is wrong
take good, focused pictures of the engine, and fuel line, and stuffing box (behind engine) if you can
keel bolts should be not very corroded, and should not look hella sketch. If you can’t tell what’s going on in the bilge (like old indie’s splintery mess full of paint chips), that’s not good
should be relatively clean there
look where there are stress cracks on deck. Look for soft spots on deck.
it won’t be perfect because the boat is cheap, but it shouldn’t be a decaying mess either…
take pictures of the prop

For things that are dangerous or uncomfortable

For signs of collision or grounding
If dude is there, ask about maintenance in the last few years, and what the maintenance routine is. Ask how the boat is winterized
Bad smells, rivers of rust stains, holes from removed hardware, badly installed aftermarket things
See how sketch thru hulls are, and how sad all the plumbing is. Note if the boat has seacocks
It should have emergency gear. Weird if it doesn’t
That’s all, enjoy
About the Admiral’s Hill visit (Saturday):

this thing leaks

what is this even 

this is standing water, right? Not an ultrasketch epoxy repair? 

this is not good: looks like a lot of corrosion at the base of the mast spar. The dirty mess in general here is a bad sign 

stuffing box looks good, but ttansmission looks really sad 

the bike chain on the engine is mad sketch
and the advanced rust throughout
steering cables are so loose that I wouldn’t go anywhere on it without a few hours of work adjusting those
wiring looks to be in better than expected condition, but is glassed into the hull, meaning rebuilding it is annoying as hell

where is this ? 

IL: eh it’s okay overall. It’s state of maintenence is similar to little red boat when you got it (minus crappy custom cabin top and crappy woodwork). If it leaks, it will be in a similarly sad state in a few years. It is definitely a project boat and is not quite “ready to go”. It looks to be in the back of the yard, which means it;s been there awhile. This boat is better sized than LRB for your purposes. If he wants to give it away free in the spring, it’s a reasonable swap. I wouldn’t pay money for it without a very careful inspection of the hull, engine, base of mast, and standing rigging. I would also try to clean the boat thoroughly to see if it cleans up nicely, or is beyond that

NO: So, basically, the question is if there is seawater leak? and if there is, worth a little less than free
IL: I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s worth free as is if the engine starts. It’s worth the asking price if it clean up nice and if nothing has failed spectacularly. If the hull is intact, leaks are very easy to deal with

If it’s like lrb and it sorta leaks everywhere bv leave now and never look back haha

 So, are freshwater leaks fine? because something was getting into that bilgei assume just rainwater or something
 IL: Not fine but shrug
NO:  is that a common problem? leak through the mast t
IL:  Yeah It’s almost universal for keel stepped masts Mast is hollow. Gotta drain it somewhere And the deck seal is hard since the mast moves
NO: Is the mooring in winthrop a good deal? I can’t tell
IL: Depends. Is it part of the sale? Because of it isn’t explicitly part of the sale, It isn’t. It’s worth about a grand one time, if in good shape
Re: Galaxy (Marblehead)
IL: If you can find the $6k/yr for Boston storage Maybe worth looking at

IL: Coop != Money :(  I def spent ~10k on little red boat over the 3 years

FYI you can get a BHSC membership for less They maintain boats for you